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GabLocal.TV relies on the support of our viewers. The amount of money raised through our viewer fundraising efforts directly relates to the quality and frequency of broadcast we are able to produce. Your contributions will make it possible for us to continue our current mission and grow our outreach… Celebrating the people, places and things that make  Kansas a great place to call home. We are committed to keeping our material free and accessible to anyone interested viewing or participating in it.  That’s why we need your voluntary help!

  • Perhaps you’ve been a guest on our show and it has helped your business.
  • Perhaps the charity you volunteer for was featured on our show and it resulted in new awareness that recruited more volunteers or generated more donations.
  • Perhaps we were able to enlighten you about an interesting event or attraction.
  • Or maybe you’re a loyal regular viewer and you appreciate our goofy sense of humor.
If any of those scenarios are true for you, and you’re blessed to have financial resources to share with your community, won’t you please consider making a contribution by simply clicking the appropriate button below. The link will take you to a secure PayPal payment page to ensure the highest level of security with your gift. Your contributions will be kept anonymous.
Thank you so much for your dedication to us through the last 5 years of our show and in to the future!  And thank you for your consideration to help us grow with your monetary support as we progress!

Monthly Giving Options

Giving to GabLocal.TV is easy with our monthly subscriptions. Available for both individual patrons and small businesses. Our subscriptions are managed by the security and reputation of PayPal. As a voluntary subscriber, you are making a commitment to help us keep our content free and accessible to anyone who wishes to participate. Voluntary subscribers understand the value of our services and they appreciate that we are supplying an alternative to a forced subscription service or a pay to play participation fee.
There is no obligation or commitment period for our subscribers, so you may cancel your subscription at any time by selecting the button at the bottom of this section if your circumstances ever change.
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Individual Giving Options

At any time, you may visit this page and select an option to make a one time gift. There are a wide range of categories to fit any budget. All contributions of any size are greatly appreciated!


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