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Topeka’s own Chris Schultz showcases the best of Top City at the Topeka Performing Arts Center twice monthly!

Talk About Topeka LIVE is a new community social media production celebrating the people, places, events and ideas that make Topeka a great place to call home.

Guests are encouraged to put down their cell phones and engage with fellow locals in talks to uplift & enrich Topeka’s quality of life.

Attendees will participate as members of the live studio audience, as if they were attending their favorite televised late night talk show.

It’s an evening of fun and community celebration that records our community narrative, which will keep on giving for generations in our historical archives.

Attendees participate after the show by sharing our video content of their favorite guests as the individual interviews are released on Talk About Topeka’s media channels to large local audiences.

When you buy tickets to Talk About Topeka LIVE:

  • You get to spend a fun filled evening with some dedicated local movers and shakers.
  • You support the creation of nurturing local social media content.
  • You support connecting the right people with local content that matters to them.
  • You support giving local charities free opportunities to connect with potential supporters.
  • You support helping local family owned businesses maintain opportunities & grow.
  • You help the Topeka Performing Arts Center grow.
  • You attend a unique celebration of local humanity at each and every show!
  • You get to have a lot of FUN!

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We love celebrating our community!

We’ve been doing it for a decade on virtually every medium!


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2018-19 TPAC Show Dates

  • June 27 & 28

  • July 11 & 12

  • August 8 & 9

  • September 26 & 27

  • October 3 & 4

  • November 7 & 8

  • December 18 & 19

  • January 16 & 17

  • February 6 & 7

  • March 13 & 14

  • April 16 & 17

  • May 8 & 9

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