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January 12-16, 2015

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Fire devastated 720 South Kansas Avenue on the early morning hours of Friday January 2nd, leaving HHB BBQ and Top City Soda Pop  without a home. Chris talks with the owners of both businesses and Vince Frye from Downtown Topeka Inc… They all weigh in on the situation and discuss plans for the future.

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Daily Podcast #161 – January 12, 2015: Ramada NYE – Part  1


On our radio show, we shared some of the highlights from our 4 hour live stream from the most exclusive New Years Eve party in Topeka at the Downtown Ramada. An exciting lineup of interviews and entertainment from 4 jam packed stages!


Daily Podcast #162 – January 13, 2015: Ramada NYE – Part  2

On our radio show, we shared some of the highlights from our 4 hour live stream from the most exclusive New Years Eve party in Topeka at the Downtown Ramada. An exciting lineup of interviews and entertainment from 4 jam packed stages!


Daily Podcast #163 – January 14, 2015: TCT’s Shannon Reilly / Trails Gallery & Market

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Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy’s Artistic Director Shannon Reilly discusses their newly released season and encourages us to see Don’t Dress For Dinner. And Jeff and Trisha from Trails Market & Gallery discuss their beautiful building in Downtown Topeka.


Daily Podcast #164 – January 15, 2015: Marion Lane Candles & Chili for Positive Connections

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Connie Cook from Marion Lane Candles in Brookwood Shopping Center visits with Chris. And Debbie Guilbault from Positive Connections tells us how you can simply help them out by eating  chili on Superbowl Sunday.


Daily Podcast #165 – January 16, 2015: Helen Hocker’s New Season & Weekend Events

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Jo Lassley from Helen Hocker Theatre discusses their newly announced season and their upcoming production, A Year With Frog & Toad. Kerrice Mapes from 785 Magazine discusses some hot weekend events. From the vault, we revisit the Topeka Community Foundation with Vice President Marsha Pope.

Useful Notes & Links From These Productions:

— Watch all four hours of our continuous live coverage from the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in Topeka at the Downtown Ramada as seen on WIBW.com!


Top City Soda

Downtown Topeka Inc.

The Downtown Topeka Ramada

— Donations to help the families of HHB BBQ and Top City Soda may be contributed through New Century Credit Union.

— If you donate $20 to help Top City Soda rebuild, The Break Room will give you one of the last remaining Top City Dark Cream Soda limited editions free of charge. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Top City Soda with a handshake to help grow their unique business effort.

Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy

Helen Hocker Theatre

Trails Gallery & Market

Positive Connections

The Topeka Community Foundation

785 Magazine

The Topeka Newsletter



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