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Talk About Topeka’s

Week In Review

February 2-6, 2015

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Tuesday’s Television Show:

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  • Katrina Fraise of Happily Ever After
  • Steve Waugh of the Topeka Jazz Workshop
  • Zach Haney the Teen CEO
  • Chef Michelle Bryan on vegetarian food.

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Daily Podcast #176 – February 2, 2015: Queso, The Bridal Fair & ABWA’s Scholarship Luncheon

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Tom Herrerra from Casa Del Sabor shares his family’s secret queso from LaSiesta restaurant. Kerrice Mapes from 785 Magazine discusses the recent Bridal Fair at the Downtown Ramada. Cherie Sage discusses the upcoming ABWA Scholarship Luncheon.


Daily Podcast #177 – February 3, 2015: Councilman TJ Brown & The Big Read – True Grit

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Topeka City Councilman TJ Brown gives an update on District 2 and his sneak peek of the new 712 Innovations Maker Space in Downtown Topeka. Diana Friend from the Topeka & Shawnee County Library discusses some upcoming events of The Big Read: True Grit through the month of February.


Daily Podcast #178 – February 4, 2015: Downtown Topeka, Chocolate Fantasy, Mass Appeal & The Zoo

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— Vince Frye from Downtown Topeka Inc.
— Nancy Harms on Midland Care’s Chocolate Fantasy.
— Actor Walt Boyd on Mass Appeal at The Break Room
— Dennis Dinwidie from the Topeka Zoo


Daily Podcast #179 – February 5, 2015: A Scholarship Luncheon, Topeka Newsletter & Vegetarian Food

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— Kim Schultz from The Topeka Newsletter
— Diana Ramirez on ABWA’s Scholarship Luncheon
— Chef Michelle Brian on Vegetarianism


Daily Podcast #180 – February 6, 2015: Week In Review

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The week of Feb 2-6, 2015 in review.

The Weekend Fun Forecast:

There’s nothing to do in Topeka???Thats’s Bull! You totally gotta share this stuff!!

Our informal mission…

We’re not trying to get everybody to watch and listen to our show…  (Although we love the attention!) We just want enough people paying attention to set other people straight when they hear someone say that there’s nothing to do in Topeka. And we want to do everything we can to help out the small businesses and organizations that make our community unique.

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