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Arty Award Nominees: Visual Art

— Shelly Bedsaul (Recipient)
— Michelle Leivan
— Staci Dawn

Arty Award Nominees: Performing Art

— The Boobie Trap Bar
— The Kansas Ballet (Recipient)
— Kyler Carpenter

Arty Award Nominees: Community Art

— RagaZagar
— The Sabatini Gallery
— Aaron Douglas Art Fair (Recipient)

Arty Award Nominees: Literary Art

— Doug Wallace
— Jeffrey Ann Goudie
— Annette Billings (Recipient)

Liz Stratton Arts Parton Award

Recipient: Glenn & Claire Swogger

The Lightning Round


Congratulations to all of the nominees and recipients of the 2015 Topeka Arty Awards. Each one of them contributes to the undeniable proof that Topeka is a great home for the arts community!